About the program

What we've done with University Bartending is design a program that teaches you everything you need to know to start bartending and more. We want to do that in a short amount of time and we like to boast that our course will pay for itself the first bar shift you work. Not only will you learn the basics behind any bar -what and where everything is- but you will also benefit from learning why your speed as a bartender is key behind every bar, how to develop a rapport with your clients and the importance of up-selling. These are the three core principles of our program. Bartending is a simple art, but we teach you some fundamental techniques that will make you a more successful bartender. 

Our Program

Our program is a 2 day intensive program

Our hands on pouring labs are designed to get you up to speed quickly with the proper training you will need to be a fast and efficient bartender. We will make sure you feel comfortable handling an array of different bottles shapes and sizes. You will also be handling all the bar tools you would find behind any given bar. Along with our fun and often competitive pouring labs, we will also teach you....

Day 1:

During the 1st half of the class, you will learn about mixes, garnishes, glassware and the tools of the trade. We will also show you how to mix a basic highball drink, along with some highball drink recipes. We will review the seven most popular spirits, talk about the importance of up-selling and indulge in martinis, manhattans & rocks recipes. We will finish with the different pouring methods.

During the 2nd half of the class, we will do our first pouring lab where you will learn how to properly pour drinks freehand. You will learn how to do 1oz and 2oz pours using your right, left and both hands. 


Day 2:

We will begin the 1st half of the class with showing you the proper steps and setup in opening and closing a bar. Then we will go over "tricks of the trade" that will help you to put more money in your pocket. We will discuss how to handle difficult situations that sometimes occur in and around alcohol and finish by reviewing cocktails and collins drinks. After that we will break up into "Bars,"  setup a bar and begin our second pouring lab where you practice building drinks.

In the 2nd half there is a brief but comprehensive discussion of wines and wine service and an overview of liquors & cordials. We will discuss beer in general, as well as the popular types of various craft beer. We will also review popular shooters, non-alcoholic drinks and frozen drinks. We then break back into our bars and will go through a real life situation where multiple drinks are ordered and you make them as quick as you can!

We finish day 2 and the class with the most important part; how to find a bartending job so you can put all this wonderful knowledge to work and start making money!



our instructors

Ted has bartended in several different parts of the country and parts of the Caribbean. He also owns a successful restaurant and beverage catering company in the city of Portland, Maine. He has taught bartending to students from universities across the country including Penn State, UMaine, Dartmouth & The University of Michigan to name a few. 

Troy began working in restaurants his senior year in high school as a bus boy and eventually worked his way to bartending in his sophomore year of college.  Over the next 10 years, he went on to travel to and bartend in Bar Harbor, Boston, Portland, Key West, Sugarloaf Mountain and Put-In-Bay, Ohio.    Currently he lives in Portland and works weekends in the summer time bartending at weddings and other catering events.