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University Bartending At University Bartending we believe that bartending is quite possibly the best part time job and also a great career. It’s sociable. It’s fun. And it can be very lucrative! A fun, convenient and affordable way to enter one of the best fields available either part time or as a career… BARTENDING! View DVDEnroll Now!

“This course paid for its self the first bar shift I worked! I’d recommend it to anyone” Dave S., Chicago

A bartending course that puts other online courses to shame.

Taught by a bartender with 25yrs behind the bar and now an owner of two restaurants, this course has given thousands of
students the knowledge they didn't get with other courses. And now it's all available on this DVD! Learn at your own pace,
in the comforts of your own home.
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1. Enroll in the University

Buy your University Bartending Welcome Pack, including bartending equipment, complete manual, and full length DVD to join the thousands of success stories.

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2. Make the Grade

Once you take the bartending course, come back and prove your skills in the online classroom. When you pass, you'll get a letter of recommendation from Ted, the founder of University Bartending.

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3. Refine Your Skills

The University Bartending Store has everything you need to train and practice your skills, all at prices that make sense.

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At University Bartending we believe that bartending is quite possibly the best part-time job for a college student. It's sociable. It's fun. The work hours don't conflict with your classes and it can be very lucrative.


Full Length DVD

This 3 hour DVD will teach you all the skills you need to be a successful bartender. Learn how to make great money behind the bar, even on the slow shifts. How to stay organized during those crazy busy shifts. New and old drink recipes, up-selling, customer rapport and much more!


The gear you need to make $$.

Everything any bartender would ever need! From pourers to muddlers, shaker glasses to cool UB apparel. We got it at the UB online store. Order Now!

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If you are at this site you’ve already thought about learning how to bartend. But if you are serious about making good money as a successful bartender, do what thousands have already done, sign up today and be on your way to a new exciting career as a bartender.